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I Am Honored! Richard Louv - Writes the Foreword for Casting Homeward!

I wanted to make sure to share with you how honored I am to have Richard Louv as the author of the Foreword for my newest book in the Lyons Press Casting Series. While I have indeed been fortunate to have past Forewords written by Ted Williams, Chris Wood, and Kirk Deeter… but Richard Louv is especially suited to my fourth book in this series.

Since a major theme of "Casting Homeward" is the idea and reality that Nature and Mother Earth are our True Homes, I could not be more thrilled that Rich agreed to do tis for me - and you, even while he is under a deadline for his next book!

I'm taking the time to do this introduction because while anyone in the nature science writing, nature conservation, ecopsychology, a nature therapy worlds knows and likely had read all of Rich's books, I suspect not enough anglers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiast have. I am currently on track to have read them all - not there yet, but getting there.

Those of you who have read and collected each of my books in this series - I am grateful.

And, if you have, you already know that my fishing and outdoor adventure stories are about a lot more than fishing and outdoor adventure.

They are about our desperate need to save ourselves and this planet - from us.

They are about how We Need Nature... even though Nature doesn't need us.

And they are a well thought out series of stories that in the end, (hopefully a set of six books), we will have Traveled Together to discover our New Path for our more Enlightened Tribe of human beings.

I am writing about Nature and the Best of Human Nature… about creating Hope through enlightened brave action.

Let's Keep Casting Forward Together!

Namaste' Y'all!

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