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The Power of being One…

"I believe we have a guide within; we are not alone but are part of a vaster reality that we do not see with our eyes but can sense with an open heart."

~ Federico Faggin, physicist

Since childhood, I’ve know that I am “different.”

Sometimes I've been told that I’m “too much.”

And there are people who find me unsettling and seem to apply definitions to me that for me – are more reflections of where they are in their spiritual evolution than where I am in mine - but that too may be a reflection. And that is not a criticism – just an imperfect observation that like all observations is limited by my own perspective, understanding, lack of understanding, and ability to SEE and not just see.

For a long time, I found it hard – being different.

It’s lonely. (Don't we all feel this way sometimes?)

It's why I've always made friends with songbirds and lizards and trees and rivers.

They tend to accept me as I am and even understand me.

I have wonderful conversations with warblers.

It’s constricting to try to fit into a world of fixed and solid shapes when you’re more of a flowing thing – like a river.

Sometimes I act more “lake like” - quiet and thoughtful.

But in truth, I am always on the edge of overflowing my cultural embankments.

And I refuse to be a canal.

The books and essays I write are not just a series of fishing and outdoor adventure stories – not that there is anything wrong with that.

They are more like an amalgam of ancient petroglyphs and space born signals with a hint of scripture written in the margins of a love letter.

What is important to me is the depth of the positive impact I might make in the lives of others and in the way we treat each other and the world.

I’m a tiny star in a vast night sky.

In no time as all, my light will fade and transform into another light – again and again.

But in this moment in time, I hope my words and images reach you, and that you chose to share them with others…after all, love letters tied to tumble weeds have little value – unless they are discovered and read and understood.

It’s a soul-thing.

Namaste’ Y’all!

Nothing but Love, Kindness, Courage, and Wisdom

Keep Casting Forward!

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