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Woodstock Film Festival (Casting Forward)

I had a wonderful time at the Woodstock Film Festival attending the World Premier of the Feature Film: "Mending the Line," a Joshua Caldwell Film. The World Premiere of the movie “Mending the Line” was a total triumph and I can’t wait for it to move to distribution so that everyone can see it.

The next morning Director Joshua Caldwell and I slipped out for a quick trip to the river where I caught and lost a rainbow and he caught and landed a few. More importantly, it gave me time on the river with my newest old friend. I am grateful.

Now that I'm back home in Texas I am reliving my time in the Birthplace of American Fly Fishing after an amazing two days in the beautiful Catskills of New York. I will miss Woodstock and upstate New York… a beautiful place with such kind and welcoming people.

Namaste’ Y’all… Keep Casting Forward!

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