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October 15th at 7 pm CST.
Hosted by Austin Fly-fishers Club

A Brief Reading from Casting Forward followed by discussion on the topics of the healing powers of nature, fly-fishing, and friendship transitioning into a discussion about the Texas Hill Country as a fly-fishing hidden gem, and the ways we as anglers can give back, and seek to protect it.


November 4th , 12:30-1:00 CST

Show: ‘Round the Fire” on Earthx T.V.
Host: Todd Tanner: Hunter, Angler, Outdoor Writer
Steve Ramirez is an outdoor and conservation writer, educator, master naturalist, philosopher, and author of the forthcoming book, Casting Forward: Fishing Tails from the Texas Hill Country, released by Lyons Press on November 1 st , 2020.

Steve Hemkens is the Orvis Company Vice-President for Fishing and Hunting. Steve is a founding member of the 50/50 On the Water initiative, the campaign that aims to inspire women to discover the joys of fly-fishing.


Round the Fire focuses on important conservation and environmental issues from a fishing & hunting
perspective. The show offers viewers a “sitting around the campfire” vibe, where there’s room for both
important environmental/conservation topics and personal stories.  Most hunters & anglers care deeply
about the outdoors, and sportsmen and women can be important allies in America’s ongoing efforts to
protect its landscapes and waters.

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