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Praise for Casting Seaward


"Steve is an artist. A painter of words, he brushes my mind with vast landscapes and moments frozen in time. There are few artists I allow to use me as a canvas… Steve is one of them."

April Vokey

Anchored Outdoors


“Steve Ramirez is fly the emotional, spiritual shaman that the angling world and humanity in general needs so badly today. Through his writing, he hopes to make us look into the mirror to be kinder and more respectful to the natural world around us- and more importantly each other."

Matthew Supinski

Hallowed Waters Podcast/Journal Publisher, Author, Fly Fishing Ghillie, Chef


“Steve Ramirez is an eco-warrior with an uncanny understanding of how nature affects our soul  and our hearts.”

Ross Purnell

Publisher/Editor, Fly Fisherman magazine

Ocean Pier

"Casting Seaward is transcending in a way that only Steve Ramirez could make possible through his lifetime of loss and love. He can portray the healing powers of fly fishing (and nature) so precisely and vividly, only because he’s experienced those powers firsthand."

Sarah Foster

Executive Director, The American Museum of Fly Fishing

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