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This is what 100 of the hard to come by hardcover copies of Casting Forward look like in my living room just before I sign them and send them back to my dear friends Bob White and Lisa Minar White!

Lisa tells me that 80 out of these 100 are already sold!

I’m so pleased that the paperback is doing so well currently at # 1 Best Seller in fishing on Amazon for the past four weeks and rising to # 55 of all books…

but I will always be in love with the hardcover edition and how beautiful it looks on a self or coffee table next to its siblings:

Casting Onward, Casting Seaward, and Casting Homeward.

If you don’t already have a hardcover… consider adopting one if the 20 remaining signed copies that will be on their way shortly to Bob and Lisa….

Get Bob’s signature too and he can even draw your favorite fly on the title page at a nominal additional cost.

If you have the paperback…you can always upgrade and give your paperback copy as a gift to a friend or keep it as your travel copy.

Just a thought y’all…

I am forever grateful to Bob and Lisa for their friendship and kindness.

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