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Artifacts we Leave Behind as Gifts to Whomever may Find them...

“When I decided to leave my job, I went fishing and never looked back. I went fishing in part because I knew that the rivers and the hills could teach me the truths I once knew and had forgotten. I went fishing because I knew that rising trout and singing warblers have wisdom, and because for the first time in my life, I knew all the things that I never wanted to do again, and all the places I never wanted to be, and all the people I never wanted to be around. I knew that life was too damn precious and fleeting for meaningless meetings and malignant greetings. I knew that from this moment on, I wanted to be free, feral, authentic . . . even revolutionary in my pursuit of a life worth living. I went fishing because it causes me to feel alive, and because the life that I was walking away from was draining my soul and killing my passion, little by little, irrevocably.”

~ Steve Ramirez, from Casting Onward

It's 30 degrees outside in the Texas Hill Country, on its way into the 20s and reportedly with a good chance of snow tonight. I wanted some cold weather so that we could have the feeling of winter, and for a few days, my wish came true. A fire in the fireplace and a glass of wine in my hand... magical.

It's important to take care of others as we take care of ourselves.

So, I made sure to break the ice on the bird bath and fill the feeders and stack up the brush pile and even open my greenhouse incase they needed shelter.

I love them - they are the extended family I never had.

Life is beautiful when we give of ourselves for others. I try to lead a beautiful life.

This book and the stories within it are all about living a beautiful life - no matter what life gives you.

There is a lot of fishing in them and no small amount of hiking... but the stories are about Living.

I thought recently about my younger self working hard to do what we are all told we are supposed to do... I had the corner office and the nice salary with medical, dental, and all that. I had muti-million dollar budgets and all the heart ache that comes with a "real job." And I wasn't even sure that I wanted to keep on keeping on. Only my love of my little family and of nature itself kept me going.

From the point of view of "the world" where "success" is gauged by the money you earn - I was an unhappy success.

Now... if money is the national goal, I guess I'd be labeled an happy failure.

But oh... there is no failure in a joyful, meaningful, life. I am doing exactly what I want to do - living a life worth living.

I hope people will choose to read my stories... not because anything about me in important - it's not... but rather, because I believe what they say about US... is important.

My journey is our journey.

If we don't find our way soon, the journey will end all too soon as well.

I threw myself forward into uncertainty to write Casting Onward. It was worth it.

I hope you or someone you love finds it worth the read. Writing is born when it's been read and found meaningful.

I want my "children" to do some good in this human world.

Namaste' Y'all...

Live and Love Vastly.... Please.

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