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Just Something to Consider my Friends...

I just got done sending over 100 signed copies of the hard to find hardcover edition of Casting Forward to my friends Bob and Lisa White - who have an inventory of all three current books and are taking preorders for Casting Homeward. They are currently the only consistent source of signed copies of my books. (I say that because occasionally when I walk into a bookstore or fly shop and find my books there I offer sign them as an act of appreciation.)

Of the one hundred signed copies of Casting Forward I sent, all but 20 were already sold.

Here is what I want to share with you or anyone you know who might want one...

If you order from BobWhite Studio you not only get my signature, but more importantly can get Bob's upon request, and I highly recommend that you look into having Bob personalize you copy by creating a one of a kind, original pencil drawing of your favorite fly.

I have one and it makes the book all the more special for me.

Beside... Bob's the Best. (And I'm automatically I including Lisa in that accolade. I'm openly biased. I love them both.)

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