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Casting Homeward - the final installment in the Lyons Press "Casting Series."

“I once wondered if I might be a “libertarian.” But I discovered that I believe in the value of publicly protected lands, waters, and wildlife. I see the value of being a nation of public education where every child is exposed to the vastest array of ideas and perspectives. I see the urgency to come together and agree about placing boundaries and limitations on the impact we have on each other and the earth. I am a free thinker in a world that demands conformity. I have no politics—left or right. Instead, like the Yupik, I am a member of an undersized and underrepresented tribe. I am a naturalist and a warrior for peace.”

~ Steve Ramirez, Casting Homeward, Available for Pre-order, Scheduled Release Date September 3rd, 2024.

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