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I Thought you Might Like This! It's a Quick Peek of the Table of Contents for Casting Homeward!

One of the things I always hope to create is a Table of Contents that anyone in a bookstore can look at and immediately decided that they want to go to these place and on these adventures with me!

I hope this one does that for you and your friends.

My heart and soul goes into every page...




Chapter 1: First Cast—Guadalupe River, Texas Hill Country

Part I Bristol Bay, Alaska

Chapter 2: Life and Death on the Agulowak River, Alaska

Chapter 3: Upnuk Lake by Floatplane, Alaska

Chapter 4: Floating on Alaska’s Ungalithaluk River

Chapter 5: Floating on Alaska’s Good News River

Chapter 6: Alaska Epilogue: Return to the Agulowak

Part II Montana’s Paradise Valley and Beyond

Chapter 7: Wading DePuy Spring Creek, Montana

Chapter 8: Floating the Big Hole, Madison, and Missouri

Rivers, Montana

Part III Grand Teton & Yellowstone Country – Wyoming

Chapter 9: Wading the Firehole River, Yellowstone

National Park, Wyoming

Chapter 10: Walking and Wading Teton and Yellowstone


Chapter 11: Floating the Snake River, Grand Teton and

Yellowstone Country

Part IV: Classic Waters in the Commonwealth— Pennsylvania Spring Creeks

Chapter 12: Wading the Upper Little Juniata

Chapter 13: Wading Upper Penns Creek

Chapter 14: Floating Lower Penns Creek

Part V: Birthplace of American Fly Fishing—The Catskills

and Northeastern Forest

Chapter 15: Floating the Delaware, New York

Chapter 16: Wading the Esopus, New York

Chapter 17: Wading the Farmington, Connecticut

Chapter 18: Wading the Battenkill, Vermont

Part VI Casting Homeward - The Foothills of the Ozarks & The Heart of Texas

Chapter 19: Smallmouth Bass Fishing, Eastern Oklahoma

Chapter 20: Floating the Llano River, Texas Hill Country

Chapter 21: Just One More Cast—Devils River,

Texas Hill Country


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