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Just Sharing... My newest travel buddy....

Today was my first day to be working at my writer's desk with my new writing buddy... I've been considering what her name is - (and she is a she). So far I have referred to her as "Miss Adventure" because she will be traveling with me this year from Texas to Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and back home to Texas... and that's just the adventures I've planned for us as I write another book!

And I must admit that I like the double entendre of "Miss Adventure" and misadventure.

After all, I am launching on all these journeys with my "evolving asthma," apnea, heart disease and PTSD - on my! (rolling my eyes and laughing is too funny.)

I'm not worried - not a bit.

As I have joked with my doctors, friends, and family - "I will overcome all of this or die trying!"

Besides, life has been taunting me since birth.

I've had people try to shoot me, stab me, poison me, and blow me up.

I've been surrounded by rouge soldiers in the rainforest of West Africa, by lions in East Africa and by drug smugglers in Florida.

I've survived an African fever in Kenya, malaria in the Ivory Coast, elevation sickness in Peru and nitrogen sickness while deep diving in the Caribbean.

I've been bitten by a rattlesnake, stomped on by the bull I was riding in a rodeo and even had to chase off the one aggressive shark I've ever encountered out of many - grateful that I was armed with me 357 magnum powerhead while scuba diving 90 feet below the surface of the sea.

It's been a wonderfully interesting life - so far.

And I have the feeling that Miss Adventure and I will have many new adventures together. I can hardly wait to discover the stories we will write together!

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