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Trout Magazine Reviews "Casting Forward!"

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Just Sharing...

I'm so pleased and grateful to see the wonderful review of my book, "Casting Forward" in the Winter issue of Trout Magazine.

It means even more coming from my buddy Kirk Deeter whom I love like a brother. In full disclosure, Kirk points out that we have become good friends. But if you know Kirk, he is a man of honor and a recommendation from him is golden.

I hope you will open your copy of Trout Magazine and give Kirk's review a look. (And if you're not a member, you should be, even if you do not fish. TU is a wonderful conservation organization. I am a Life Member. I was never so happy to give any organization my $1k. Earnings well Invested.)

The other reason I hope you will open this issue includes reading my friend Michael Salomone's wonderful essay entitled, "Summer Smoke." Bravo my friend!

And of course there is the wonderful John Gierach story entitled, "Aniak" that included the artwork of my other brother Bob White and the photography of my long distance buddy Mike Dvorak.

(I am so happy and honored to share the Bob will be doing the illustrations on the sequel to "Casting Forward" which is entitled, "Casting Onward" and is scheduled to be released by Lyons Press at the end of this year.)

Trout is a great magazine that supports a great cause.

Trout Unlimited doesn't just restore and protect trout... it works to restore and protect entire watersheds which translates to ecosystems.

I am honored to be a regular author for this fine journal, a Life Member of this fine organization, and count so many of its fine people as some of my best friends.

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