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Artist Connection!

When my faraway friend Diane Michelin reach out and suggested an exchange between artistic friends, her amazing art for my pages filled with words, I was humbled and thrilled. (I’m never sure if it makes sense to feel humbled because, I’m already about as humble as a man can get. I don’t think anything about me is important except what good I can do in the world before I have to go.)

I have admired Diane’s watercolor artwork for some time now.

I love everything she does, landscapes and still life paintings and most of all, her portraits. She always seems to capture the essence of the person through their smile, or their eyes, or tilt of their head. And even though I have only the slightest of smiles in my “author photo” on my inside book cover, and I am wearing glasses… somehow, she managed to capture the magic of that moment.

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