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Fly Fisherman Magazine - Seasonable Angler Essay

Once again I am so pleased to have another of my essays appear in the "Seasonable Angler" column of Fly Fisherman Magazine!

I am grateful to FFM Publisher/Editor Ross Purnell for his support of my writing, and to the talented Allan Hassall for his artistic and insightful interpretation of my words.

"Stuff in the Basement" is my third essay to appear in FFM's Seasonable Angler column, and I am deeply honored and humbled to be writing my words in the same space that once held those of the great Nick Lyons.

Also, in this issues is a wonderful review of my new book, "Casting Onward: Fishing Adventures in Search of America's Native Gamefish," which is being released by Lyons Press on May 1st of this year, and is currently available for pre-order.

Matt is a wonderful writer, Director for Science Communications for The Nature Conservancy, Author of "Fishing Through the Apocalypse, and a dear friend. (Total Disclosure.)

I write all of my essays and books as gifts to you- my friends old and new, in the hope that they might bring us all closer to the Earth and each other.

They are bits and pieces of my soul- that hope manage to touch yours in some helpful, healthful, and happy manner. We all need more of this - in these times.

Namaste' Ya'll! ~ Steve

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