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Go There!

“Yeah, leading an examined life, I always say, is a pain in the ass…”

~ Yvon Chouinard

One of the benefits of leading a well examined live is that it causes me to live in the moment while doing my best to forward toward that inevitable plunge with as much grace and fortitude as possible.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m weird.

I think is poetry and metaphor.

So life really is like a journey down a river that eventually plunges over a precipice into the sea.

The currents that we call “time” and “entropy” carry me ever onward, and all I can do is paddle forward and back and use my metaphorical paddle as a rudder called “Choice and Perspective” to carve out a journey worth taking - and therefore a life worth living.

And sometimes when I have no idea which braid in the river is the right one to choose, I let the current that is the “universe” or what many people call “God” take me wherever I am meant to be.

The Lyons Press “Casting Series” has come full circle with the pending publication of “Casting Homeward: An Angler and Naturalist’s Journey to America’s Legendary Rivers.”

Of course, if you’ve read my past three books, you know that although they are full of fishing and other nature-based adventures, they are not about fishing or adventure other than what it means to be “fishing for wisdom” and “adventuring toward living our best life.”

Fly fishing, rivers, and Nature itself are the perfect poetic metaphors and teachers of living well.

This beautiful planet is the “Eden” we’ve been given; and we’re all too busy trying to turn heave into hell.

This is “The Good Place.”

I’m going to be honest – I always am... I want as many households as possible to contain copies of this entire series.

I adore the look of the hard cover books, but if paperback fits your nature - Go There!

I believe that these books have meaning and purpose beyond mere entertainment – although I want you to be entertained.

I want you to travel with me and sit by the fire with me and stand in the river with me and even feeling longing with me.

I want us to Travel Together in our mutual effort to Live Lives Worth Living.

And I guess it’s good that they are not “free.” After all, we must all find ways to invest in our own journey.

Casting Homeward is available for preorder via major booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as some independent booksellers.

And if to want a signed copy, (signed by me as the author and my dear friend Bob White as the illustrator…) you can go to and preorder now.

Bob and Lisa have singed copies of all four books in hardcover – and Casting Forward is only available in hardcover on demand, but they have it in inventory.

There is value in preordering a book like Casting Homeward.

When Casting Forward first came out in the autumn of so long ago, my publisher and I had a wonderful problem – it sold out in weeks and there weren’t any copies left for many people who wanted them for the holidays. I’m not sure that this will be the case again… although I hope a lot of people are reading it by the fire this winter. After all, I wrote it … for you.

Namaste’ Y’all…

~ Steve

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