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“When I decided to leave my job, I went fishing and never looked back.

I went fishing in part because I knew that the rivers and the hills could

teach me the truths I once knew and had forgotten. I went fishing because

I knew that rising trout and singing warblers have wisdom, and because

for the first time in my life, I knew all the things that I never wanted to

do again, and all the places I never wanted to be, and all the people I never

wanted to be around. I knew that life was too damn precious and fleeting

for meaningless meetings and malignant greetings. I knew that from this

moment on, I wanted to be free, feral, authentic . . . even revolutionary in

my pursuit of a life worth living. I went fishing because it causes me to feel alive, and because the life that I was walking away from was draining my

soul and killing my passion, little by little, irrevocably.”

~ Steve Ramirez, from Casting Onward

“When I think of all the time I have spent in this finite life, sitting in meeting with academics, politicians, and other blowhards, listening to inflated egos pontificate at length about the grand value of nothing, I become overwhelmed with a mixture of ironic amusement and idiotic regret. After all, I could have been fishing.

~ Steve Ramirez, from Casting Onward

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