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My Journey to Jackson Hole!

This Thursday I will board yet another airplane, this time on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to share some time with my friends Randall and Mary Kauffman.

I once again am amazed at the kindness and generosity of the wonderful people I am coming to know in this tribe we all share.

I am humbled and honored by each friendship, and, I do my best each time to share our story in a manner that does some justice to the lessons learned, and memories created.

I am still processing the truly magical time I shared with my dear friend Emily Whitlock just a few weeks ago. As long as I may live I will never forget the morning coffees by the trout stream, the evening's of bass fishing on ponds and a beautiful Ozark Mountain stream, or us taking turns shooting Dave's super cool 22 lever action rifle off the back porch, (And yes - Emily outshot this Marine), or the late evening wine and music as chatted about life and loss, and sang along to John Denver and Gordon Lightfoot songs.

These are the friendships and moments that matter in life.

We need to focus on them and on the good we can do in this world during our brief, brief, brief, stay.

There is so much human ugliness, ignorance, and cowardice in this world that we cannot look away from - but we must instead, choose to be its opposite, every day.

We must band together as one tribe to show how much more human kindness, wisdom, and courage exists and how those attributes can prevail. Light extinguishes darkness.

This journey to Wyoming is the final trip outside of Texas for me to take in the completion of my fourth book - Casting Homeward.

The only thing that remains will be for me and my friend Cari Ray - Fisher of Zen, to fish what remains of the Llano and Devils Rivers here in my beloved and imperiled Texas Hill Country.

I will of course, do my best for each of you who choose to read my books and essays, for Lyons Press -my wonderful publisher, and for this beautiful planet that is being used to death. We can do better... together.

Namaste' Y'all

Nothing but Love, Wisdom, and Courage

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