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Seasonable Angler

Once again I am honored to have another of my essays in the Seasonable Angler Column of Fly Fisherman Magazine.

The great Nick Lyons wrote the first Seasonable Angler essay in spring issue of 1976, and he wrote more than 130 Seasonable Angler essays after that, until his retirement in 1998. As you may know, Nick Lyons established the publishing company, Lyons Press in 1984... the same company that has published both of my books, "Casting Forward" and "Casting Onward," and is slated to publish the third in the series, "Casting Seaward." I am honored and grateful. In 1976, I was a teenager who was and still is in love with the outdoors, fishing and hunting, and I was devouring Nick Lyons essays, as well as those of so many great outdoor writers of the time. Then, I could never imagine that I would be offered the opportunity to follow in those literary footsteps, but in this current issues of Fly Fisherman, Publisher/Editor Ross Purnell announces that I will be doing, just that. I am deeply and humbly grateful and moved. I want to thank Ross for seeing value in my words and allowing me this honor. And, I am so pleased and grateful for the amazing and magical artwork of Allan Hassall that will accompany my words. Allan has a unique ability to paint between the lines. He get it... what I am strive to convey, and he transforms it into watercolor images that I personally look forward to seeing each time.

I will do my best for the readers of Fly Fisherman, for the legacy of Mr. Lyons, and for our species and planet. I hope you enjoy and find value in each essay. I am writing them for you. Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful ~ Steve #flyfishermanmagazine

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