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Signed Copies of Casting Forward and Casting Onward!

Just Sharing.... It’s such I wonderful surprise to walk into my local Barnes & Noble Book Store and find this nice display of books I had recently signed while at the Boerne Art & Book Festival. So if you are local to the San Antonio area B & N at La Cantera has signed copies of both books.

And just so you know, these are the last remaining hardcover copies of Casting Forward. There will be no more copies at my publisher’s warehouse so once the current inventory at book sellers is gone… that’s all there is Forever. I bought extra copies for myself. The paperback is being bound for distribution now.

I wrote these and my amazing editor and I designed the covers so that they would make a beauitful set/collection of hardcover books. Each book "fits" together. I don't have any say in how the paperback will look and besides... it's just not the same.

So if you have any inclination that you will want to own or gift a set of these books, Casting Forward is running low on inventory. It's had a great run with three hardcover printings since its release on November 1st of 2020. I am truly grateful.

Keep Casting Forward Y'all!

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